The ultimate vision for SRPI is to contribute towards the creation of an expansive, open and active research community that creates high-quality, groundbreaking reviewed content, conducts extensive dialogue with top international experts and constantly innovates to provide opportunities to highlight the distinct work of the country’s research capabilities. An immediate call for working papers has been urgently communicated to invite experienced researchers, academics and students on a number of subjects in order to launch the first edition of the Society journal. We invite young and mid-level research and writing professionals to share creations, feedback and opportunities for collaboration with the SRPI team.

Bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications of concepts

Journal of Business Policy & Practice (JBPP)

Area of Publication: Business Management & Social Sciences

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

Journal of Business Policy & Practice (JBPP) is a multidisciplinary journal launched and published by The Society of Research Promotion and Innovation (SRPI). The journal aims to publish the cutting edge research and discussion that inform the emerging fields of business, management and social sciences. JBPP promotes new ideas and promotes new perspectives on existing research.
JBPP particularly welcomes research articles that advance our understanding of Business and Social Sciences phenomenon across international and diversified cultural contexts. Articles should be well articulated and substantive. JBPP follows the triple blind peer-reviewed process for articles ensure only the best research is disseminated.


Society of Research Promotion and Innovation (SRPI) is a non-profit making organization made up of academics and practitioners. The SRPI is a multidisciplinary academic society for leading experts in business and social sciences research internationally with an aim of advancing knowledge for academics, researchers and practitioners.


SRPI promotes research and scientific publications through offering opportunities for constructive dialogue, the flow of information and best practices. The society is publishing journal to make research accessible at the national and international level. It provides opportunities for established and early career researchers to contribute towards intellectual resource development.

Our Objectives

The ultimate vision for SRPI is to contribute towards the creation and dissemination of knowledge and promote dialogue amongst all key stakeholders through offering open access. The journal’s objective is to challenge existing practices and inform policy and decision makers through groundbreaking emerging research nationally and internationally.


1. To promote research collaboration,foster research development and enhance research capacity of key stakeholders.

2. To provide support to academics and early career researchers to achieve excellence.

3. To provide a platform to develop knowledge and provide a vehicle to share the knowledge with stakeholders within industry, policy makers and practitioners .

Core Values

The journal team will work as a team to uphold trust among the members and adhere to professional ethics to ensure integrity. The decision making will be transparent and take into account views of society members. We maintain openness, professionalism and uprightness to the best of our ability to demonstrate our commitment to the ordinary members, and the public at large with the stated aim of enhancing research culture and development nationally and internationally.

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An international contribution on Socio-Business research

JBPP publishes original articles on basic and applied research, Case Studies, Critical Reviews and Commentaries on the Quarterly basis. To ensure the quality of our publication and to better serve the peers in academic circle, we now call for reviewers among professionals and experts from Business, Economics and Social Sciences.

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Manuscript Submission

JBPP invites papers on management and social science subjects for Vol 3 (2) to be published in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Please ensure your manuscript is submitted in compliance with all guidelines and policies of the JBPP. We aim to get back to all submitted manuscripts within 30 days, with appropriate feedback and decision.
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